Storage Post - Atlantic Ave.

3325 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208

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Unit Sizes

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Small Units

1 bedroom apartment or studio

$135.00+ per month

1 unit

5' x 10' Unit

  • 4th Floor
  • Climate Controlled
  • Interior
per month

Large Units

2 bedroom apartment

$219.00+ per month

1 unit

10' x 10' Unit

  • 2nd Floor
  • Climate Controlled
  • Interior
  • Premium Location
per month

About Storage Post - Atlantic Ave.

  • Free use of truck (5-mile limit)
  • Loading dock
  • 14-ft. truck access
  • Video cameras onsite
  • Electronic gate access
  • Fenced + lighted
  • Elevator
  • Handcarts available
  • Accepts mail/packages for tenants
  • Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover credit cards accepted
  • Auto-pay available
  • Band practice allowed in units
  • Cash accepted
  • Rent due on same day each month per lease start
  • Checks accepted
  • Email billing available
  • Paperwork can be done remotely
  • Manager lives on-site
  • Moving supplies for sale
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  • Hassle free...

      Price - 4/5 (Good value)

      Security - 4/5 (Very secure)

      Service - 4/5 (Very helpful)

    Recommended: Yes

    Reviewed by Deloris on Oct. 2, 2013
  • Awful!!!!

    just plain awful! They tell you 1 thing then charge you something different after the fact!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

      Price - 1/5 (Unfair price)

      Security - 3/5 (Secure)

      Service - 1/5 (Very unhelpful)

      Cleanliness - 3/5 (Average)

    Recommended: No

    Reviewed by Rosa on Jul. 10, 2013

    excellent service and price, customer service help people to find best place and storage is very professional and clean

      Price - 5/5 (Excellent value)

      Security - 4/5 (Very secure)

      Service - 5/5 (Outstanding)

      Cleanliness - 5/5 (Squeaky clean)

    Recommended: Yes

    Reviewed by albert pichardo on Jun. 24, 2013
  • Great place to store

    This is my first storage unit, but I was very impressed with this place. We were helped by a young lady named Tiffany who was personable, friendly, and helpful. She helped find exactly the unit we needed and walked us through all the steps. So far, no complaints!

      Price - 5/5 (Excellent value)

      Security - 4/5 (Very secure)

      Service - 4/5 (Very helpful)

      Cleanliness - 4/5 (Clean)

    Recommended: Yes

    Reviewed by David on Oct. 5, 2012
  • Make Sure you ask questions up front in detail

    This was my first time trying to pay for storage so there was a lot I didn't understand about the process of finding an appropriate size at the price point I was hoping to pay.

    A 5x5x4 unit was enough for me, but when I called after seeing a deal online for $28.00, there was no mention that this unit is on the highest level, with only a tall moving stairway to access- NO LIFT! So therefore, if you have bulky and.or heavy boxes with books, beware of bad balance, a bad back, or not enough strength to safely get up and down the stairs with said items. The height and ease of access to the specifically priced lockers (5x5x4 or 5x4x3, etc.) SHOULD BE SPECIFIED. Also, my phone rep never mentioned an extra monthly fee for "optional" protection (insurance), since they are not in any way responsible for anything you lock up in their facility, apparently. I was told this at the store upon move-in, and was actually pressured by fear tactics to buy it. My price point was $28.00! and extra $9 is not nice at the last minute.

    All I am saying is ask for all unmentioned fees before you get down there, and find out if you are getting a unit in the clouds that is not big enough.

    Oh, and reserving a spot (and paying the administrative fee) does NOT guarantee that you have a unit waiting for you, especially if someone comes in to purchase on the spot.

    I wonder what happens if you reserve a hotel room, pay some initial cost, and then show up to find your room was taken by someone else that came in hot-n-heavy with cash in hand before you....

    I paid my fee, I made them explain it 2-3 times and repeated it back until I heard what made sense. There is a disconnect between Storage Post (store clerks) and SpareFoot (phone staff), so you guys get your stories straight and clear for customers that don't have time and money to waste with disappointments.

    Still a customer...

      Price - 3/5 (Fair price)

      Security - 3/5 (Secure)

      Service - 2/5 (Somewhat unhelpful)

      Cleanliness - 4/5 (Clean)

    Recommended: Yes

    Reviewed by S. Brathw on Jul. 2, 2012
  • Nice!

    The facility is a bit of a trek down Atlantic from Park Slope but it's worth it. The price is good, the the faclility is very clean and secure and the staff were very professional and friendly. Nick thanks for your great service.

      Price - 4/5 (Great value)

      Security - 4/5 (Very secure)

      Service - 5/5 (Very helpful)

      Cleanliness - 5/5 (Squeaky clean)

    Recommended: Yes

    Reviewed by Gina Williams on May. 1, 2012
  • i was given miss information

    Iam 8 months pregnant i ask if they help load the truck i was told yes & they did not help. Driver was late, didt know directions & driving horrible.was told someone needed to go with him he state that was wrong. at storage place the unite was locked. had to go back down to the office to get a key no one went open the unite. Advertised $75 / month 3 at 50% off. Got there was told this was wrong. They try to charge extra for not putting a card on file this is something that they did not state on the phone.

    Reviewed by Elsa B. on Apr. 11, 2011