The 43228 storage unit you need at the price you want.

Relative Price in 43228

With a median income of $42,022 and an average price of $88.43 per month for a storage unit, renting storage for a year in 43228 Columbus would require 2.5% of a median earner's annual income. When compared to the ratio between storage prices and income in ZIP codes nationwide, storage in 43228 is slightly more expensive than most others, ranking in at the 58th percentile nationally. In comparison to other ZIP codes in Ohio, storage as a percent of median income is moderately expensive, ranking in at the 71st percentile.

Storage Coverage In 43228

There are 20,705 households in 43228 Columbus and approximately 2,409 storage units, meaning there are 0.11635 units per household. On a national scale, 43228 ranks in at the 71st percentile of units-per-household in every ZIP code, which means it should be relatively easy to find a storage unit here. 43228 has a very high number of storage units per household comapred to other Ohio ZIP codes, ranking in at the 85th percentile.

In terms of the number of people living in 43228, the ZIP code has a population of 46,105. With a total of 481,815 square feet of storage space in the ZIP, there are 10.45sqft of storage per person. This is a very high number of square feet of storage per capita compared to other ZIP codes nationwide, ranking in at the 84th percentile. In terms of other ZIP codes in Ohio, 43228 ranks at the 90th percentile, meaning it has very high coverage compared to other ZIP codes in the state.