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Locate Florida Self Storage Solutions in the Sunshine State

Extending into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean is a diverse state with an amazing array of geography - from swamps and marshlands to beaches and coastal inlets. As a major port in the U.S., Florida attracts numerous tourists, retirees, snowbirds, students, celebrities, and just those looking for a laid-back lifestyle.

From student and military housing to retirement villages and vacation condo complexes to single family homes, townhouses, and expansive mansions, Florida has something for everyone—even those who like to live on their boats! Whatever your residence of choice, you are more than likely going to need a place to store some of the "extras" you have collected or you may not know what to do with that new boat or classic car you just picked up. You might even be redecorating and need a place to keep furniture until the work is completed. Sparefoot understands that needs vary so their directory of Florida storage facilities lists a variety of options.

What to Look for in Florida Storage Facilities

Despite being labeled the Sunshine State, the climate also can be considered tropical and subtropical with oppressive heat due to the humidity as well as a regular hurricane season with excessive rain. That means extra belongings that need to be stored must be kept inside in order to stay in good working order, so be sure to look for self storage in Florida that options climate control and possibly even humidity control. For those with larger items or a house full of belongings, Sparefoot also lists Florida storage units that offer drive-up access for easy unloading and loading.

Florida Storage Units No matter what area of the state you live in, Sparefoot can match you up with Florida self storage solutions that meet your needs. Just look at these examples of how easy it is to use Sparefoot's convenient zip code finder:

  • Gulf Coast Area: Besides the city of Tampa, the Gulf Coast area includes Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Tampa was voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the top outdoor cities in America, attracting families and sports enthusiasts alike.

    Search for Florida self storage in the Gulf Coast area using zip codes 33615, 33619, 33578, 33764, and 33770.
  • Orlando: Home to Disney World and numerous tourist destinations, Orlando and its surrounding communities are favorites among families for its hometown neighborhoods and outdoor living.

    Search for Florida storage units in the Orlando communities using zip codes 32808, 32750, 32703, 32825, and 32819.
  • South Florida: Considered to be the most populous area of the state, South Florida includes Miami, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Boca Raton.

    Search for self storage in Florida using zip codes 33144, 33126, 33480, 33411, 33432, and 33064.
  • Florida Panhandle: Nearly two hundred miles long, the Florida Panhandle is a collective name for the stretch of the northwestern part of the state, encompassing such cities as Destin, Panama City, Pensacola and Tallahassee.

    Search for Florida storage facilities located in the Florida Panhandle using zip codes 32405, 32401, 32504, 32534, 32308 and 32304.

Sparefoot's convenient directory for Florida self storage also provides a fast and effective way to book storage units in advance, saving time and reducing the hassle of moving or remodeling.

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